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Before experts ‘intervention on the spot, a technical diagnosis should be made. If needed, technical department should be contacted to make sure the work is realized in accordance with the local rules (e.g. demand of temporary activity for the public domain).

A skilled staff will take care of the dismantling of the equipment. Concerning the electrical part, after you turn it off, we will disconnect and unwire the electrical cabinets. Concerning the mechanical part, the motor modules, the power supply and the exhaust system will be separated. In order to prevent pollution hazard during the handling operations the radiators and the motors will be emptied.

Lifting devices will be chosen depending on the equipment weight in order to carry this operation safely. COMMAGEN knows a range of skilled professionals who can handle these kinds of operations.

COMMAGEN organizes and plans the transportation of the hardware from its picking point to its final destination. For international transportation, transit formalities will be taken of with customs services.

If necessary, a specialized team will clean the facilities at the end of the work. Industrial waste will be treated in compliance with environmental standards.